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Dr. Joseph Wilson, PhD, LCSW-BACS, LAC, CCS

Clinical Director, Managing Member, Owner

Since 1984, Dr. Wilson has helped countless individuals and families in the mental health and substance abuse fields. After graduating with a Masters of Social Work from the University of Iowa in 1983, Dr. Wilson dedicated himself to local Associations for Retarded Citizens (ARC’s) in Iowa and Louisiana. During his twelve years of professional service, Dr. Wilson worked as a Group Home Manager and later became a Director of Audit Services for the Caddo-Bossier ARC located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Dr. Wilson also worked for several years as a therapist with the Radar Institute, an eating disorders unit within the Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Later he served as the Chief Forensic Clinical Social Worker at the Jetson Correctional Center for Youth in Baton Rouge.

Dr. Wilson provided integrated mental health and substance abuse assessments to youth offenders as well as clinical social work supervision to approximately 20 graduate social workers. While employed at the Youth Correctional Center in Baton Rouge, Dr. Wilson was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Louisiana State University.

To expand his multicultural competency, Dr. Wilson traveled to Whakatani, New Zealand in 2005 to consult with local youth correctional center officials. Dr. Wilson also organized meetings with caseworkers at the community mental health and substance abuse center to discuss the implementation of anti-racist principals with their work with African and indigenous Maori clients.

Dr. Wilson currently provides clinical supervision to graduate level social workers seeking LCSW licensure and to counselors-in-training seeking LAC licensure through the Louisiana Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority licensing board.

Being a strong believer in the connection between a healthy mind and body, Dr. Wilson is an avid runner who has completed 8 marathons. Dr. Wilson plans to run the 2020 Louisiana Marathon next.
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